Ørbæk Bryggeri | The Little Brewery with the Big Flavour



A Real Brewing Adventure  

Nestling among manor houses and castles in the beautiful landscape of East Funen, Ørbæk Bryggeri was founded in 1906. On Funen, the brewery was particularly famous for its stakitøl (a bottle of ale packaged in a fence-like container), brewed using smoked malt from the brewery’s own malthouse.

In 1997, Niels and Nicolai Rømer bought Ørbæk Bryggeri with the idea of producing the world’s first organic fizzy drinks. This was something no one in Denmark had ever tasted, and it was tough persuading people to jump on the bandwagon. Niels took the bull by the horns and asked his father, who had worked in the dairy industry, if he knew of a place where they could make their dream come true. Having asked around, he came across a brewery in Ørbæk on the Danish island of Funen. Though it had been empty for two years, it still had all the machinery they needed. Niels and Nicolai set off on their mission and struck a deal with the old owner that very day. Ørbæk Bryggeri was now theirs!

In 2001, they began to producing beer again. In 2002, their first brew, a Brown Ale, won an organic gold medal. It was the start of a new brewing adventure.

While retaining the original, old brewhouse, we also built a new, more modern one. We love history, and many of our organic beers are inspired by ancient brewing techniques and recipes. Some of our beers are even developed in collaboration with Nyborg Castle. The castle, dating all the way back to before 1200, was home to ‘Danehoffet’ (Denmark’s medieval parliament) and a number of old queens and kings of Denmark. In our eyes, beer is not just beer; it is a story waiting to be told. 

Excellent Craftsmanship & Great Flavour

At Ørbæk Bryggeri, the quality and flavour of all our beers are paramount. We love experimenting with exciting new organic produce and production methods - usually in collaboration with our distillery in Nyborg and with other entrepreneurs and beer connoisseurs. We believe that flavour, quality and excellent brewing craftsmanship are all interconnected, and that what is most important is to make delicious beer.

In Harmony with Nature

Ørbæk Spring supplies water to Ørbæk Creek, which winds its way past Ørbæk Bryggeri and on through the Ice Age landscape of East Funen. En route to the sea, the creek nurtures flora and fauna, many of which are rare and endangered.

It is from the self-same subsoil, from which the Ørbæk Spring originates, that Ørbæk Bryggeri draws the water for all its products. We do our utmost to use organic, local, Danish produce and make a concerted effort to reduce waste and minimise the unnecessary use of resources. We believe that this is what is best for both nature and people.

Ørbæk - Always Organic

We firmly believe that whatever we put in our mouths should be top quality. That is why we make all our products from organic ingredients. We owe it to each other and to our children to look after nature. When it comes to this issue, we refuse to compromise. Niels and Nicolai started brewing beer on the basis of the learning-by-doing principle, but determined never to compromise in terms of ingredients and quality. Today, the range features a huge variety of exciting beers, all produced from our own recipes and using 100% organic produce.