Bock Bock
ØB Øl Påskebockbock 50Cl DK
50 cl.

Bock Bock

Our Bock Bock is a strong, Bavarian bock beer,which is decoction mashed and brewed using five different malts (Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Carahell, Carared and Wheat Malt) and two kinds of hop. Decoction mashing is an old brewing method. First, you remove part of the wort and heat it separately, before pumping it back into the mash vessel to raise the temperature. This method was particularly effective for controlling the temperature, before the use of a thermometer in the brewing process was discovered.  This method provides a special caramelisation from the wort and lends a unique sweetness to the beer. 


The two hops used in our Bock Bock Påskeøl also contribute to the beer’s rich, powerful taste and spicy aroma of pear and citrus fruits. Bock Bock is a sweet, rich pilsner-type beer, extra delicious because of the special brewing process and the addition of a little extra hop.


Best enjoyed with:

Bock Bock is perfect for Danish Easter meals and other food with oomph. 

6.0% alc. vol.
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