Brown Ale Fri
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33 cl.

Brown Ale Fri

Brown Ale Fri is a non-alcoholic beer packed with malt sweetness and a mild bitterness from the hops - the mark of a good beer. It is part of our non-alcoholic range of beers, where we have toned down the alcohol, but retained the excellent taste. Brown Ale Fri is a delightful, full-bodied, non-alcoholic beer with tons of taste – just as a brown ale should be. It is also made from the same ingredients you would use in a normal brown ale, including caramelised and toasted malts and oats. So there is no shortage of the beautiful head and delicious mouth.


It is an amazing accompaniment to grilled steaks, rich pasta dishes and strong cheeses, but of course also tastes great on its own. Of course, like everything else from Ørbæk Bryggeri, this beer is organic.



Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 112 kJ / 27 kcal, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 5.1g, Protein 0.3g, Salt 0g. 

0.5% alc. vol.
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