ØB Øl Classic 33 cl DK
33 cl.


Our Classic is a totally traditional Bavarian beer, made with a pilsner yeast. However, we decided to give our Classic a ‘Czech twist’ We add Czech Saaz hops, which help lend the beer an almost fragrant aroma of flowers and light grapes. We also use two different caramelised malts, which not only invest the beer with sweetness, but also provide the typical Classic taste and aroma that we all know and love. However, the Czech hop makes our Classic fresher and more easily drinkable than many other Classic beers.


Ørbæk Classic has a wonderful fragrant aroma from the Saaz hops. The beer is delightfully full-bodied and sweet: a result of the caramelised malts, which harmonise well with the freshness of the hops.


Best enjoyed with:

It is an easy-to-drink beer, perfect on a hot summer’s day, as an accompaniment to an Easter dinner or with one of the many Christmas meals. It is perfect for a cold lunch buffet, but also tastes great with fish, light meat and flavoursome oriental dishes.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 180 kJ / 43.5 kcal, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 3.8g, Protein 0.4g, Salt 0g.

4.8% alc. vol.
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