Colonial IPA
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Colonial IPA

Our IPA is a traditional, old-fashioned IPA, evoking an age when the British colonial army in India drank beer instead of the local water. But the soldiers were not entirely satisfied. The beer tended to get sour while being shipped all the way from England. So they came up with the idea of adding extra hops to the beer. This helped it cope with the long voyage. This was the origin of the beer we know today as IPA. We love old brewing traditions. That is why we naturally brewed our IPA in the old-fashioned British way, adding lots of extra hops to the beer. We opted for American hops, which give our IPA a fruitier taste than English hops. The result is a traditional, sweet British ale with the fruity taste of American hops.


Our IPA has a lovely citrus-fruit aroma – predominantly grapefruit, which comes from the Cascade hops we use. There is also a distinctive malt aroma. It tastes sweet and full-bodied, with a distinct hoppy bitterness.


Best enjoyed with:

The IPA is a great accompaniment to oriental food – particularly with tons of taste and heat. It also tastes great with slightly fatty foods such as pizzas, burgers and fish ‘n’ chips.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 180 kJ / 43.5 kcal

4.8% alc. vol.
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