Dannebrog Bock
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75 cl.

Dannebrog Bock

Dannebrog Bock is one of five beers we developed in collaboration with Nyborg Castle. It is said that on 15 June 1219, the Dannebrog fell from the sky during the famous battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia. This beer was inspired from the Denmark of that time. It is made in accordance with ancient brewing methods, and we used well-known Danish herbs like dill in the beer.

Our Dannebrog Bock is decoction mashed. Decoction mashing is an old brewing method. First, you remove part of the wort and heat it separately, before pumping it back into the mash vessel to raise the temperature. This method was particularly effective for controlling the temperature, before the use of a thermometer in the brewing process was discovered. It lends a special sweetness to the beer, something that not many of today’s pilsner-type beers possess.

Dannebrog Bock has a special sweetness to it, which you quickly sense in the aroma, together with a fresh whiff of hops and dill. The taste is nice and fresh, making Dannebrog Bock an easy-to-drink beer with clear notes of dill. Despite being a light, drinkable beer, it still has a distinct depth on the palate due to the caramelisation that occurs during the decoction mashing.


Best enjoyed with:

Dannebrog Bock is best enjoyed with fresh salads, fish and seafood. However, it also goes well with slightly stronger, spicy dishes. It is also perfect with a cheese board – especially with the special Funen smoked cheese.

6.0% alc. vol.
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