Dark Horse
ØB Øl Dark Horse 50 cl
50 cl.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a beautiful ruby-red/brown Schwartzbier with an impressive white head. It is dark and full-bodies, yet relatively fresh. We are really proud of our Dark Horse, which actually won a gold medal at Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award 2019. Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award is a beer competition held in Southern Germany. That was very fitting, given that Schwartzbier originates from the area around Bavaria in Southern Germany.


Schwartzbier is a lager, and we recommend serving it at 5-8º. It has a delightful aroma of toffee, dark brown sugar, toasted malt, chocolate, coffee and liquorice. Many of these notes also feature in the taste, where the lovely toffee taste predominates. But it is also an easy-to-drink beer with a fresh, hoppy taste.


Best enjoyed with:

Dark Horse is best drunk with a good rare steak or a beef or pork stew. It is also an excellent accompaniment to most barbecued food and rich-tasting pasta dishes.

4.8% alc. vol.
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