Fadlagret Valnød Stout
ØB Valnødsout 50Cl DK Packshot
50 cl.

Fadlagret Valnød Stout

The two traditional and family-owned breweries, Ørbæk Brewery (1906) and Ærø Brewery (1926), have teamed up to develop this beer, which takes inspiration from both breweries. The beer is a stout fermented with yeast from both Ørbæk and Ærø. The beer is then aged in whisky barrels from Nyborg Distillery, owned by the same family as Ørbæk Brewery, and infused with walnuts, which Ærø Brewery is known for.

The result is a smooth, full-bodied, dark and strong beer with a beautiful brown foam and flavors of walnut, coffee, roasted malt, licorice, with fine sweet notes of whisky, banana, and oak.

Best enjoyed with dark, grilled, spicy or smoked dishes as well as rich desserts with dark berries, nuts, and chocolate.


Type: Stout

Colour: Black

Sweetness: 5  Body: 5  Bitterness: 4  Acidity: 3

BU: 48.6  EBC: 106


Ingredients: Water, BARLEY MALT*, WHEAT MALT*, cane sugar*, hops*, WALNUT*, yeast. * = organic.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 350kJ / 84 kcal.

10% alc. vol.