Fynsk Påske
ØB Øl Fynsk Påske 33 cl DK
ØB Øl Fynsk Påske 50 cl DK
33 cl. 50 cl.

Fynsk Påske

Fynsk Påske is our elderflower version of a New England IPA. We refer to it as sunshine in a bottle. Like a genuine New England IPA, Fynsk Påske has a lovely golden, misty colour. The beer is low on bitterness, but high on aroma with notes of elderflower and citrus. The elderflowers provide the freshness and tartness, and the beer is fresh and mild in the mouth. Fynsk Påske is a perfect springtime drink, evoking that lovely time of the year when the temperatures rise, the bees buzz and the elderflowers blossom.


Best enjoyed with:

Fynsk Påske is best enjoyed with the people you love. It is also a perfect accompaniment to lighter foods such as fish and salads. That means it is also great with a light starter or simply as a lovely welcome drink with a small snack on the side. In general, Fynsk Påske is a lovely thirst-quencher for a warm Easter meal.

5.8% alc. vol.
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