ØB Hvidtøl 750Ml DK Packshot
75 cl.


Is there anything better than a scrumptious portion of rice porridge accompanied by a lovely dark, treacly light ale with its delicious head? Probably not. Our Hvidtøl is brewed according to a tradition dating back to 1906, when the brewery first started making beer. Back then, the brewery made light ale in 5-litre stakit bottles (bottles in slatted, wooden containers) for the locals - mainly farmers. This ale was dark, due to the fact that the malt was dried by burning it in the kiln. The result was a toasted, burnt, smoky taste and a high level of sweetness. The ale was also low in alcohol, which meant the farmers could drink it without getting particularly affected.

Our current Hvidtøl is a product of this history, so has the most original taste of all the beers in our range. It is not particularly high in alcohol, but it has a high nutritional content with notes of liquorice, smoke, chocolate and coffee due to the fact that the malt is subject to a tough toasting process.


Our Hvidtøl has a lovely aroma or rye bread and øllebrød and a delightful taste of burnt malt with its aroma of liquorice, coffee and chocolate.


Best enjoyed with:
Rice porridge, but also other Christmas dishes such as Danish rice pudding with almonds, Danish doughnuts and rich Christmas food in general such as duck and/or goose. But you can also drink it with other tasty dishes, with which you would normally drink a stout: for example, shellfish, grilled food and rare steaks.

1.8% alc. vol.
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