Jingle Bells
ØB Øl Jingle Bells 50 cl DK
50 cl.

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is a lovely copper-coloured brown ale with tons of depth and heat. We use six different malts, all of which contribute something different to the Christmas beer, lending it great body and complexity.

Jingle Bells has a wonderful fragrance of toffee, chocolate and coffee that comes from the six different malts we used. There is also a distinctive bouquet of cinnamon and vanilla. The taste is full-bodied and warm with toffee and chocolate notes. It is topped off with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. It is, quite simply, liquid Christmas in a bottle.


All in all, it is a wonderful Christmas beer that is an excellent accompaniment to any sweet Christmas goodies.


Best enjoyed with:

Our Jingle Bells goes brilliantly well with Danish rice pudding with almonds or rice porridge. It also goes brilliantly with cream and chocolate desserts such as chocolate mousse or crème brûlée.  Its high alcohol percentage and full-bodied taste also make it a great match for tasty cheeses and smoked meat.

7.0% alc. vol.
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