ØB Øl Julebock 50 cl DK
50 cl.


Julebock is a strong Bavarian, gluten-free bock beer with five different malts, two types of hop. Bock is a German pilsner beer that is stronger than a regular pilsner. Julebock is brewed according to an ancient, traditional brewing method known as decoction. Decoction mashing is an old brewing method. First, you remove part of the wort and heat it separately, before pumping it back into the mash vessel to raise the temperature. This method was particularly effective for controlling the temperature, before the use of a thermometer in the brewing process was discovered. This method provides a special caramelisation from the wort and lends a unique sweetness to the beer.

To generate a bit of extra Christmas spirit, we also add orange and cloves to the beer. This contributes to Julebock’s spicy, deep and clear aroma of cloves, coffee and orange. The taste is sweet and full-bodied with warming Christmas spices.


Best enjoyed with:

The sweetness and depth of our Julebock makes it ideal not only for rich, spicy Christmas food, but also for a cold Danish Christmas buffet. In addition to Christmas food, it is an ideal accompaniment to dark fish and spicy oriental food.

6.0% alc. vol.
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