ØB Øl Juleporter 50 cl DK
50 cl.


In 2019, our Juleporter with ginger and dates came third in Ølentusiasten’s members’ magazine. The judges’ comments included:

“(...) The result is an exceedingly alternative Christmas brew with dark-roasted spicy notes and an abundance of ginger and ripe fruit that evokes Christmas cakes and biscuits.”


Juleporter is a rich, delicious, caramelised beer with toasted malt notes. In addition to its lovely, fresh ginger taste, the beer is also deliciously sweet due to the date syrup we use. It smells of fresh ginger with a hint of toasted notes.  

Overall, it is a delightfully heavy, rich Christmas porter with a unique freshness from the freshly-pressed ginger in the fermentation tank.


Best enjoyed with:

Juleporter works best with desserts, cheese and robust meat dishes: for example, meat loaf. It is a unique Christmas porter with that little extra something.

8.0% alc. vol.
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