Kong Havtorn
ØB Kong Havtorn 50 cl DK
50 cl.

Kong Havtorn

Kong Havtorn is a flavoursome New England IPA with a wonderful aroma of flowers, fruit and citrus. This comes partly from the three different kinds of hop and the sea buckthorn juice we use in the beer. The beer is a beautiful golden, almost yellowish colour with a misty quality due to the wheat malt, oatmeal and dried hops we add to the brew. The taste features many of the same notes as the aroma - an alluring harmony of sea buckthorn, citrus and exotic fruits, which is gentler on the taste buds than the more bitter IPAs.  

Kong Havtorn was developed in collaboration with the Maltkings brewing team in Køge.


Note that, because of the essential oils in the sea buckthorn, the beer has a limited head.


Best enjoyed with:

Kong Havtorn goes well with more neutral, less spicy foods: for example, poultry and fish. You can also easily use Kong Havtorn instead of white wine or champagne on a hot summer’s day or as a welcome drink to accompany light nibbles.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 231 kJ / 56 kcal

6% alc. vol.
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