Margrete 1 New England IPA
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75 cl.

Margrete 1 New England IPA

Margrete 1. is one of five beers we developed in collaboration with Nyborg Castle. For Queen Margrete I (1353-1412), Nyborg was a very important city. She expanded Nyborg Castle and started the construction of Our Lady’s Church. That is why we chose to dedicate this beer to her and her influence on Nyborg.


Margrete lived in an age when people were gradually starting to use hops in beer, and hop farms were becoming common in Denmark. That is why we decided to make a beer with an abundance of hops. We also chose to add mint and juniper, which were often used in both beer and cooking in Denmark back then.


Margrete 1. is a light, aromatic New England IPA with low bitterness. It has a fresh scent of juniper, mint, spruce needles and citrus fruits. It has a fresh taste with a pleasant sweetness to balance all the freshness. All in all, it is a wonderfully fresh thirst quencher and great for a hot summer’s day.


Best enjoyed with:

Margrete 1. is a tasty beer with no bitterness. That makes it a great accompaniment to foods that are not over strong in taste: for example, poultry and fish. Of course, it is also a lovely welcome drink, served with some light snacks.

5% alc. vol.
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