Ørbæk Black
ØB Øl Black 50 cl DK
50 cl.

Ørbæk Black

Ørbæk Black is a coal-black liquorice stout with a beautiful, light-brown head. Brewed with love, it is perfect for anyone who cannot keep their fingers off a bowl of liquorice all-sorts. Ørbæk Black is brewed using dark, rich types of malt, which lend the beer notes of freshly-toasted bread and liquorice all-sorts. It is a liquorice stout, to which we add chili to provide an extra touch of sharpness. It has a lovely aroma of the deep malt base with great chocolate, toffee and slightly smoky notes. The taste is rich and caramelised with a delicate bitterness from the roasted malt. You will also notice the scrumptious liquorice and sharp chili.


Best enjoyed with:

Ørbæk Black is a perfect accompaniment to mouth-watering barbecued food – especially juicy, rare steaks. It also goes well with burgers and delicious deep-fried food.

4.8% alc. vol.
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