Ørbæk Porter
ØB Øl Porter 50 cl DK
50 cl.

Ørbæk Porter

Ørbæk Porter is a delicious, dark brown and warming porter that has a delightful scent of licorice, coffee, chocolate, and raisins. You will also be able to detect a hint of smoke and tobacco. In taste, you will get a delicious caramel sweetness that is well combined with bitterness from the roasted malts that we have used in the beer. You will also be able to taste chocolate, licorice, and coffee distinctly.


Overall, Ørbæk Porter is a flavorful porter with good notes of licorice and chocolate and a hint of smoke from the smoked malt we have used.


Best enjoyed with: Ørbæk Porter is a good companion to flavorful red meat - preferably straight from the grill. It also pairs well with more robust desserts, preferably with chocolate. In addition, it can also be used as a companion to well-spiced oysters.

7% alc. vol.
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