ØB Øl Ørbækker 33 cl DK
ØB Øl Ørbækker 50 Cl DK
33 cl. 50 cl.


Is there anything better than a cold pilsner on a hot summer’s day? Ørbækker fits the bill perfectly. It is fresh, crisp and easy to drink - with much more going for it than your average pilsner.

Our Ørbæk Pilsner is a Czech-inspired pilsner. We decided to use the Czech Saaz hop, which was already used in the 19th century when making traditional pilsner in Czechoslovakia. It is a unique hop, which lends the beer a lovely floral aroma.

Ørbækker is a real thirst quencher, and the Czech inspiration gives it a lovely, fresh taste. The fresh taste of flowers and light grapes is followed by an aftertaste of apricot and mandarin.


Best enjoyed with:

Ørbækker is an easy-to-drink beer - a great accompaniment to cold lunches, together with rye bread, cold meatballs and a delicious egg sandwich. It also goes really well with fish, light meat, salads and oriental food. But of course you can simply enjoy it on its own together with family and friends.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 185 kJ / 45 kcal

4.6% alc. vol.
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