Påskebryg Kongens Fadebur
ØB Øl Kongensfadeburpåske 75Cl DK
75 cl.

Påskebryg Kongens Fadebur

Påskebryg Kongens Fadebur is a warm, traditional Brown Ale, which we developed in collaboration with Nyborg Castle. The beer has a lovely fragrance of rye bread, jam and dark berries from the excellent English Goldings aroma hops. The taste is round and full-bodied with evident notes of coffee, chocolate and liquorice. Påskebryg Kongens Fadebur is a robust beer and the perfect accompaniment to a great chat with friends.


Best enjoyed with:

Påskebryg Kongens Fadebur is a dark beer, best enjoyed with a rare steak on a Saturday evening, stews and rich foods in general, or fatty cheeses.


Nutritional content per 100 ml: Energy 267 kJ / 65 kcal, Fat 3g, Carbohydrate 5.8g, Protein 0.6g, Salt 3g.

7.0% alc. vol.
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