Santa C Ale
ØB Øl Santa C Ale 33 cl DK
ØB Øl Santa C Ale 50 cl DK
33 cl. 50 cl.

Santa C Ale

Santa C has come to town, ready to occupy various Christmas tables during the festive season. Santa C is a true Christmas beer, a perfect accompaniment to many Christmas foods. It is a beautiful golden, medium-strength, pleasant, spicy Christmas brew. It has a lovely sweet aroma of orange, vanilla and red berries as a result of the First Gold aroma hops we use. The taste is rich and round with sweet, toffee notes from the caramelised malts we use. There are also clear notes of vanilla, orange and red berries – which also feature in the aroma.


Best enjoyed with:

Santa C is a delightful brown ale with great sweetness and Christmas spiciness, perfect with the festive food of Christmas. It goes particularly well with Christmas roast pork or a cold Danish Christmas buffet. The sweetness of the beer also makes it an ideal accompaniment to desserts such as Danish rice pudding with almonds.  

5.8% alc. vol.
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