ØB Symbiostout2023 750Ml DK Packshot
75 cl.


Organic Stout brewed in symbiosis between Ørbæk Bryggeri and Nyborg Destilleri. Our Symbiostout is a delicious stout, made in Ørbæk Bryggeri’s 20hl cast-iron brewery in Ørbæk, which dates back to the early 20th century. After fermentation, we add organic Fionia Coffee Liqueur from Nyborg Destilleri. Finally the beer is aged for a few months in whisky casks at Nyborg Destilleri until ready for bottling.

The result is a beautiful stout that has a lovely bouquet of whisky, coffee and liquorice, and the cask it was stored in. The taste is a powerful explosion of coffee, roasted malts, liquorice and tobacco. It is topped off with a delightful malty sweetness.

Symbiostout is a result of what can happen when the brewers of Ørbæk Bryggeri and Nyborg Destilleri unleash their creativity and set no limits.  


A round stout for all beer lovers. We only produced 1,800 bottles.


Best enjoyed with:

Symbiostout is a strong beer. That means it makes a great accompaniment to very tasty dishes – especially smoked or BBQ marinated meat: for example, a juicy pulled pork burger or a wonderfully tasty BBQ dish. It also makes a great accompaniment to rich desserts such as cheesecake or desserts with chocolate and/or dark berries. 

10% alc. vol.