Valdemar Sejr Brown Ale
ØB NS Valdemarsejr 750Ml DK Packshot
75 cl.

Valdemar Sejr Brown Ale

Valdemar Sejr Brown Ale is one of five beers we developed in collaboration with Nyborg Castle. Valdemar the Conqueror (1170-1241) was king of Denmark from 1202 until his death. Valdemar the Conqueror conquered large areas of the Baltic Sea, such as Pomerania and Estonia. His final conquest was of particular importance. According to legend, this is where the Dannebrog (Denmark’s national flag) fell from the sky. We chose to dedicate this beer to Valdemar the Conqueror. Personally, we believe it is worthy of a true conqueror. It is a dark, sweet beer, like the beer they drank in Denmark in Valdemar’s time, when the malt they used was dried over open fire. This lent the beer a caramelised, burnt taste along with the aroma and taste of coffee, liquorice and smoke. That is why we chose to use a little smoke malt and to add hazelnut to the beer. Hazelnut was often used in both beer and cooking in the age of Valdemar the Conqueror.

Valdemar Sejr has a wonderful, sweet aroma of hazelnut and smoke. The taste is sweet and round – with a hint of nougat.


Best enjoyed with:

Valdemar Sejr goes best with rich-tasting foods: for example, rare steaks or desserts containing chocolate and/or dark berries.

6.5% alc. vol.
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